Managed Solution:
Unmanaged security solutions place the maintenance headache squarely on the end user. In fact, most of the time updates are never done because they end up being just too much of a hassle. In a typical Firewall update the update itself has to be flashed to the Firewall, a file has to be downloaded, special software has to be run from a desktop machine and the Firewall has to be rebooted. Not to mention that the Firewall device has to be down for some period of time while all this is being done. The Internet Security Manager (ISM) has no such limitations. Updates are handled remotely by UIA and no reboots of the Firewall are necessary.

System administrators receive a daily email detailing any and all changes that have been made to the Internet Security Manager (ISM). Accountability to the end-user is of great importance in the UIA philosophy of a managed security solution. Every Firewall administrator's actions are logged and visible from the ISM web interface. Tickets, as well as all the enabled features, are accessed through this interface. The ISM interface is web based and is accessible by your users.

Configuration Changes:
Most configuration changes can be made while you or your users are on the phone. For example, a user might require that a new webserver behind the firewall must be made available to the public Internet. This change takes only minutes and is thoroughly tested before the call ends.

Configuration changes are backed up remotely as they occur. A full revision history is available for each firewall's unique configuration, making system restoration a snap. Even if you were to experience a total loss of hardware, a new Firewall could be built within minutes from the last profile.

Security First:
A managed solution means more than just doing what a user wants. Often times the user may understand a need but is unfamiliar with all the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with making a particular change to the firewall. UIA Firewall Administrators understand this challenge and can suggest ways to satisfy the userís need while maintaining sound security procedures.

Live Support:
No voice mail, just live support. All calls are entered into a ticket system that is part of our Internet Security Manager (ISM) web interface. Most issues are resolved on the spot, so you get immediate results and satisfaction.

LAN Troubleshooting:
Your support staff will love having an Internet Security Manager (ISM) installed at your site. Simple-to-fix yet sometimes hard to pinpoint LAN issues – such as broken Windows DNS servers – can be diagnosed within minutes.

Health Alerts:
The Internet Security Manager (ISM) is monitored full time. Eight critical health metrics are monitored 24 hours a day. If anything goes wrong, UIA ISM administrators are paged. UIA often informs your system administrator about a service outage before they even notice.

No Additional IT Staff:
Adding new security features to your network generally means adding staff to your IT department. With UIA's Internet Security Manager (ISM), you won't have to add any IT personnel to your overhead.

Support Calls:
UIA transparently becomes a part of your IT department. Here is how it works:


Initial support calls are answered by UIA.


An on-line ticket is created by the UIA security staff. Both your users and your system administrators have access to the ticket.


Most issues are resolved live with the end-user while they are still on the phone.