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The Internet Security Manager (ISM) is the ultimate in Internet Security. The ISM is a managed firewall solution that detects and prevents intrusions and contains a host of useful features. We handle all of the tier 2 support, 24 x 7 monitoring, as well as all updates to the ISM.

Number of Users:
The ISM pricing model is based on the number of users behind the firewall. Start by selecting how many users, and then choose the desired optional features to get an exact price for your firewall.

Instant Add-On Features:
The ISM offers many enticing features, which can be activated at any time with just a phone call.

Email server
The ISM email server offers an easy way to administer large number of users, including address forwarding and vacation messages, with the added functionality of blocking email viruses.

Tier II anti-virus
Tier II scans all incoming email and remove any viruses before sending the email on to the user.

Server based anti-spam system
The UIA ISM Spam Management System can stop 89% to 95% of spam at the server, so users no longer experience long email download times. The Spam management system brings terrific value to your security product line. Competing stand alone anti-spam systems can cost as much or more then the entire ISM system.

VPN server
Connecting from home or from on the road is becoming not only convenient but necessary in today's fast paced business environment. You now have a choice of SSL VPN and PPTP. With out certificate based SSL VPN users can now log in without having to remember or save user names and passwords. Whether connecting from that wireless access point at the local coffee shop or from a hotel thousands of miles away SSL VPN will put you right on your office LAN quickly and seamlessly. Some devices such as PDA's or phones still use PPTP, we offer both types of ad-hoc VPN's for one low monthly price.

LAN scanner
The ISM LAN scanner can analyze every IP address on your LAN for vulnerabilities inside your firewall. The LAN scanner can scan at recurring intervals so that at any time the latest scan results can be viewed from the ISM web interface.

Instant messaging server
Instant Messaging is a great productivity tool, but the public servers such as MSN or Yahoo may not be the most secure. The ISM supports the Jabber Instant Messaging protocol. Perfect for multiple locations or even just one office, Instant Messaging is as easy as setting it up on a user's machine.

Calendar & contact manager
Web based calendar gives the entire company access to a simple and easy to use common calendar. The company wide contact system can be searched by company, name or just about anything in the record. Web based, it is easy to use and is accessible to everyone in the company.

Web activity logger
Whether viewing the top sites surfed company wide or by an individual user, the Web Activity Logger is an indispensable tool for management. All surfing is logged and summarized each day. Each user is listed by both IP and the name of their machine.

Email & IM monitoring
For auditing purposes it may be important to track all incoming and outgoing email. All mail is copied to a separate mail box for easy downloading by management personnel.


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